• Wrongly Labelled Plant Tips for Clematis and Wisteria

    15/12/2019 | Blog | nvziy
  • Plant labels are not all they seem. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Looking at two Clematis they look quite the exact same and both were identified as Clematis montana” elizabeth”. The plant was bought when not in flower. There is a distinction between the two plants, although not one you might see, the Clematis is perfectly fragrant with charming soft vanilla scent which is why I picked it for the planting scheme. I created a location in the garden with an aromatic archway planting lavender, roses, honeysuckle and Clematis montana” elizabeth” to offer fragrance from May, (starting with the Clematis,) to October, therefore it mattered that the Clematis was exactly the right one. The exact same thing would use if buying plants to create a white garden, you don’t want to learn that one variety is a little blue.

    I am now going to need to collect the rogue plant, and re plant another for next year which is not perfect, specifically as I didn’t keep the receipt so I can not remonstrate with anyone but myself. This time I believe I will provide the garden centre a miss and go to an expert Clematis grower on the internet and get an assurance it is the proper variety. Planting it two times is one thing, but I am absolutely not planting again. Clematis are a really popular garden plant and not as tough to grow as their pruning requirements can recommend. Best idea: if purchasing Wisteria certainly purchase one which is in flower. Wisteria can be difficult to get into flower, if you purchase one that is in flower a minimum of you know as a good starting point that it can flower, after that it is all about pruning. I would suggest pruning your Wisteria twice a year.

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