• Tomatoes grow vigorously and need regular attention. At least as soon as per week the side shoots need to be eliminated, otherwise the plant will grow great deals of extra branches at the expenditure of producing flowers and tomatoes. It is because tomatoes are such a vigorous plant you need to restrict development so that the plant produces more flowers. Eliminating the side shoots is one method, and also when the plant has made several sets, or trusses of flowers, and reached a great size around about 1.5 metres or 5ft, visit all additional upwards growth by pinching out the top growing points and keep doing it. You will require to do this later on in the summertime when the plant reaches maturity.

    In the meantime, just remove the side shoots and as the tomatoes are starting to flower start feeding. Not too much, just weekly, and step this up as the plant grows and produces more flowers and eventually tomatoes. Regular watering and feeding are crucial to producing great tasty tomatoes.

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